Hand Signals

The following is a list of hand signals that Star Touring and Riding uses during group rides to relay information to the group and to the Tail Gunner specifically. Every chapter member should be familiar with these hand signals. The Ride Captain may also have some that are not listed in on this page, but has the right to brief the ride participants of them and use them during the ride.

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Comfort Stop
You Lead
Fuel Low / Stop
Road Hazard


The following hand signals are also used in addition to the standard (right turn, left turn, slow / stop) hand signals.

Block Lane Change

The Ride Captain (after having the Tail Gunner secure the lane) raises his / her left arm straight up. Each rider repeats the signal. Then as the Ride Captain lowers his / her arm to point to the lane in which he / she's moving, he / she actually initiates the change. All riders at the same time, lower their arms and change lanes too.

Fill in from the Rear

After having the Tail Gunner secure the lane and putting his directional signal on, (which is repeated by all riders), the Ride Captain raises his left hand to his shoulder and "pushes" his open hand toward the lane into which he wants to move. This signal is repeated by all riders, and each rider in turn, from the rearmost first, moves into the space ahead of the riders behind them.

Tighten Formation

When the Ride Captain feels that the formation should be tighter (bikes closer together and usually informed of such by the Tail Gunner), he raises his hand with fingers spread wide open and repeatedly closes them into a fist. All other riders repeat this hand signal and close up all unnecessary space in the formation.

Road Hazard Signal

Can be initiated by anyone in the group and all following riders will repeat this hand signal as they avoid the road hazard.


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